Steve's Home Page

My Photos

I've been taking pictures since my tenth birthday, when my Aunt Kathryn gave me a plastic dime-store camera which took 120 film. The first camera I bought for myself was a used Argus C-3 that I found in the local camera shop four years later. It was the only 35mm camera there that I could afford. I started converting to digital around 1999 when I bought a used Olympus C-2020z from a co-worker. For a while I shot in both digital and film but for the last ten years I've stuck pretty much to digital Nikon cameras, first using a D-50 , then a D-200 , and now a D-90 . I took the shot above with the D-90 from the boat that goes to Catalina Island from Newport Beach, California.

Dorothy’s Photos

My mother-in-law died recently and I was given the task of converting the more significant photos in her old albums to digital copies. In the process of doing that I decided to make a Website of it.

These photos are not really in any kind of topical or chronological order. There were five albums, one sack, and one file folder full of photos from which my wife's sister had marked 180 as ones which she wished to have scanned and saved. I scanned them in the order the albums were stacked when she gave them to me. The captions for the photos are a work in progress—my wife and her sister are working on that now.

My Lutheran Pages

This site is where I merge my love of Web programming with my love of Lutheran history and theology. It's a collection of various Web resources I've created for myself as I've studied Lutheranism that others who are interested in Lutheranism may also find useful. (The graphic at left depicts the tower of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the church where Martin Luther posted his "Ninety Five Theses" on October 31, 1517, an event that is commonly considered to be the begining of the German Reformation.)

North Dakota Roots

This is the earliest site of mine that's still on the Web. It's more than a little dated, but I keep it around for sentimental reasons. I created its first version in 2001 after a visit to North Dakota to visit the farm on which my father had been raised, which was about five miles from the farm on which his father had been raised, pictured at right, which my great-grandfather built about twenty years after he had immigrated here from Germany as a young man. We'd visited my father's home in North Dakota every year when I was young and that annual summer vacation was always the highlight of the year, but 2001 was the first time I'd returned in twenty-three years.

I'm a software engineer who lives in Washington state.